It’s All About the Consumer

By September 3, 2018CONSUMER BEHAVIOR

If you’ve ever seen any commercial, you know just how tempting a product can seem just from the right kind of advertisement. What is it that sets apart the mouthwatering ads from the boring, unconvincing ones? While we could go on for ages discussing the differences, let’s focus now on just one.

“I” versus “You”

In this video, Simon Sinek, bestselling author and motivational speaker, defines one of the points of difference between the enticing ads and the unconvincing ones. “Good marketing talks about the buyer and bad marketing talks about the seller,” he says.

Take a look at the difference between these two ads:

The Apple iPad Pro

The Microsoft Surface Laptop

The main differences? The Surface laptop ad is all about the product. It proves itself through beautiful, slow shots of a laptop being constructed. The Apple iPad ad, on the other hand, simply tells a story about the buyer, while letting the product speak for itself. It demonstrates, through depicting a story—a day in the life of a kid who craves creativity, adventure, and the freedom to just be a kid. That’s what the entire ad is all about—it just happens to show the Apple iPad as a means to reach that kind of lifestyle.

This is also known as the distinction between consumer-based marketing and product-based marketing. While product-based marketing focuses on describing the product and fitting it into the consumer’s life, consumer-based marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer, and demonstrates how the product was made to meet those needs.

You’ve probably heard the saying: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This old adage applies not only to your social relationships with others—it applies to your marketing strategy, as well. Your audience doesn’t care what you have to offer them, until they know that you genuinely understand them and care about them.

At Phix Marketing, we focus on your consumer. Through extensive research, we seek to understand what your target audience needs and wants, and how you provide that for them. We highlight the way your strengths meet the needs of the people in your market. Ultimately, we show your customers why YOU are the company they should come to with those needs.

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