A Picture is Worth a Billion Dollars


The picture says it all.  The brand is so familiar, because they’ve left an impression.  Everyone knows who they are.  But did you also know that Coca-Cola’s brand value is $73.1 billion?  In this case, a picture really is worth several billion dollars.

What is the number one quality that people seek out in others?  


Whether you are trying to build strong relationships with friends, family, or co-workers, clarity in your standards and purpose gain the trust of those individuals.  In business, the way to gain the trust of consumers is by building a clear brand image.  A brand is the face of the company, the overall aesthetics, the trust factor.  We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  According to Hubspot, this implies that people should understand a business’s purpose within the first 15 seconds of contact—whether face-to-face, or through digital communication.  Oftentimes, a website is the only interaction a consumer has with a business, and this interaction is a key component of the company’s success.

Here are a few tips for improving your brand:

  1. The basics of designing a website include cleanliness, organization, and attractiveness
  2. The number one rule for designing a logo is to keep it symmetrical
  3. Be open and honest with your consumers

So, how does improving your brand gain the trust of the consumer?  The definition of source credibility theory explains it best.  Source credibility is based on how a communicator’s positive features influence a receiver’s acceptance of their message.

Simply explained, a website’s aesthetics and logo will capture an audience’s attention, improving browsing time, which will increase overall conversions.  Having higher conversions means increased revenue, and increased revenue means a happier company.

Phix Marketing has a unique and structured method for developing brands.  By designing sleek websites, creating professional content, and implementing expert marketing strategies, we develop a trustworthy brand image for our clients, and an unparalleled experience for their customers. 

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